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Jamie Suprun

Jamie Suprun
Senior Wealth Advisor

Anthony Suprun

Anthony Suprun
Senior Wealth Advisor

We move beyond the traditional approach by considering all aspects of your financial picture and examine how they work together to reduce tax, increase investment returns, and mitigate risk.

Going outside of just stocks and bonds – our institutional approach to investing offers a broad range of diversified investments that generate stable cash flow with less volatility than a typical “stocks and bonds” portfolio.

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Our ideas and recommendations are based on what’s best for you, period.

The Value of Independence

We are different. We are independent investment advisors.
We carry no vested interest in “selling” you specific investment mandates that are forced upon us. Many investment firms only allow their advisors to pick from in-house investment mandates. We have no such limitations.


Trust & Transparency

Our fee-based services are designed with our client’s best interests in mind. Your fees are not embedded in the products/mandates that you own, and in non-registered accounts the fee is tax-deductible.

Our business is based on referrals from existing clients and other centers of influence. We don’t have a bank feeding us clients. Our clients are our business, and they are treated that way.

Our compensation is tied to your success, so you can always trust we invest solely in your best interests.

Investing Beside You

Most importantly, Suprun Wealth Management invests alongside our clients in all the investment opportunities we recommend.

We are always transparent about what we own with our clients. When everyone’s interests are aligned – you can rest assured that we are putting your interests first.

Communication & Reporting

We are always available, ready to help and keep you informed. Other firms take days to get back to you on servicing.

We always make ourselves available to discuss questions, or issues you might have. If you need help with any facet of your life, we want to be your first call.

Innovation & Performance

The desire to constantly improve and seek new opportunities for our clients is ingrained in our culture. We are always conducting due diligence on investment mandates that can further help our clients.

We constantly look for new investment mandates that can help our clients mitigate risk, decrease volatility and improve performance.

Our process allows us to gain an understanding of where you are now, and where you want to go.

The Process

Our simple wealth management process allows us to gain an understanding of where you are now and where you want to go. Together, we will develop a highly personalized wealth management plan which will act as a road map to address any gaps that exist, and ensure you are on course to achieve your goals.

Essentially, we act as your personal Chief Financial Officer, providing peace-of-mind that allows you to live comfortably and confidently knowing that you have a financial plan that is right for you and your loved ones.

We offer a full spectrum of account services and investment opportunities. These products and services are enhanced by our group’s diverse proficiencies. Collaborating as a team allows us to benefit each client with a greater range of financial experience, and ensures detailed attention to each portfolio we manage.

Discovery Meeting:

Our first meeting is a discovery meeting in which we discuss your current situation, unique goals, and concerns so that we can better address your true financial needs. We will also give you a better understanding of our team, our investment approach, and the services we offer. This meeting is where we dig into all aspects of your life and create an efficient flow forward.

Investment Plan/Mutual Commitment Meeting:

Depending on the needs identified during your Discovery Meeting, we will undertake a thorough diagnosis of your current situation and present our recommendations for moving forward with an Investment Plan. It is at this stage that we confirm a mutual commitment between you as our client and us as your Investment Advisor. A wealth management plan including retirement needs, and/or estate and tax planning may also be part of this meeting if required.

Ongoing Client Contact:

Following our Investment Plan/Mutual Commitment Meeting, you can expect a semi-annual portfolio review and regular contact to update you on your performance. We recognize each client has individual needs and may wish to meet with an advisor more or less frequently. During these meetings, a portfolio review document will be drawn up which will include investments, commentary and an action plan for you to follow. We will work with your professional network, such as your lawyer and accountant, to help put any action plan into effect. If you do not have a professional network, we will refer you to someone who can help.

We’re Here For You:

We are readily available to provide information on your accounts and address any needs or concerns you may have. With our team, and each of our specific skills and in-depth knowledge, you can be sure you are receiving a high level of knowledge in all key financial areas. Our level of service is unprecedented.

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