Comprehensive Personalized Wealth Management

Our most important job as Financial Advisors is to listen to you - to understand your needs and your dreams for the future. We will take the time to uncover and understand your specific investment goals and the time frames needed to achieve them. Your investment return expectations and tolerance for risk is very important to us. As time passes and your situation changes, we will work with you to ensure that your investment strategy remains up to date, as both your risk tolerance and your expected rate of return may change over the years.

Critical to the success of this step is the completion of our initial interview. This interview allows us to uncover and understand your needs. Upon its completion, our entire team will be fully aware of what is important to you. At the same time, you will have a very clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Financial Plan

A financial plan involves building a comprehensive personalized financial game plan, taking into account an individual's financial situation, needs and goals. It uncovers matters related to one's estate, as well as one's current financial situation, and includes the choosing and managing of investments, retirement and estate planning needs, insurance needs and tax planning.

Risk Management and Security Selection

The risk management process is as important in determining long-term portfolio performance as is the ability to select appropriate financial solutions. Asset mix rebalancing, stop-loss management techniques and your unique investment plan are all tools used to address the issues of risk and how to effectively and proactively manage its effects on your portfolio. Research from the top minds in the country is analyzed to determine which investments are appropriate for you. Money managers are interviewed quarterly to determine if they are doing their job and managing within their stated mandate.

Asset Mix Re-balancing

Because change is inevitable, it is crucial to the success of our clients to implement the step of ongoing asset mix rebalancing. Asset allocation is a risk management strategy that helps reduce the effect of market fluctuations by recognizing and balancing the different characteristics of stocks, bonds and cash in relation to your goals and tolerance for investment risk. You can rest assured, knowing that we constantly monitor and review your portfolio and recommend adjustments that we believe are needed as circumstances change.

Continuous Communication and Reporting

Our wealth management process doesn't stop once your plan is in place and investments have been selected. A key part of the process also involves keeping you informed about how you are progressing towards your financial goals. Telephone updates, quarterly reviews, e-mail updates and seminar gatherings are just a few of the many options that clients have to choose from.

Our priority is to ensure a lifelong partnership with you and your family.

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